ABOUT Vet Guard USA, Inc.

Vet Guard USA, in its infant stage, stands as an answer to the need for guardianship services concerning our forgotten veterans. Forgotten veterans are veterans who are on their own without the capacity to make decisions for themselves and/or provide adequate care to address their daily needs. Forgotten veterans have no one willing, able, and/or qualified to serve or stand in the capacity of guardian. Veterans in need of our services are physically and/or mentally incapable of making life decisions or providing for themselves. Forgotten veterans include veterans of all branches of the US military, members of both sexes, all races, and all ages.

In response to a
n identified need by the court personnel and magistrates of the Dallas County Probate Courts, Vet Guard USA, Inc. evolved from a mere idea to a functioning 501c3 program. The court personnel called upon people they knew who cared, people who would raise their hands and be willing to carry the flag for our forgotten veterans. However, willing individuals cannot stand alone. Where there is a wheel, there are spokes. The spokes of our wheel include many volunteers, financial donors, individuals willing to host fundraisers, a board of directors, and a host of caring people willing to assist in any capacity necessary. Vet Guard USA is capable of standing up for these veterans. However without assistance, Vet Guard USA will be another great idea that failed. These forgotten veterans will once again slip into the shadows.

Vet Guard USA, Inc. is the first organization of its kind. No other guardianship program has been implemented in this nation to specifically serve military veterans. Vet Guard USA strives to be the example for others to follow.

Will you stand with us? Will you raise your hand to answer the call? Will you extend a helping hand to our forgotten veterans? Will you help Vet Guard USA carry the flag for these forgotten veterans?

Answer the call today.

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Vet Guard USA Inc.
8111 Preston Rd. #415 Dallas, TX 75225 US
Phone: 214-540-5942 Website: www.vetguardusa.com
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